Vaughan Separation Lawyers – Separation Process We Follow

The breakdown of a relationship is emotional and has a substantial impact on a family’s daily life. When a couple separates, complicated legal issues can arise that affect how they parent their children and impact not only their finances but the separation process overall.

Our family lawyers at GDH Family Law have devoted their careers to the practice of family law. We work to minimize conflict and resolve family disputes as efficiently as possible to reduce costs to our clients. The steps taken throughout the separation process can set the tone for future divorce proceedings and any ongoing relationship between the parties. No matter how much or little support you need or what stage you are at in your separation, we can help.

When Is Separation Considered to Be Beneficial?

It is common for spouses to continue living together during the separation process in Vaughan. Some of the reasons why you may choose to live with your spouse through the separation process include housing needs, childcare requirements, and financial requirements that make it challenging for either spouse to move out. The separation process gives you ample time to make all the necessary arrangements as you await the divorce. You should only leave after negotiating all the issues surrounding your separation. If you move out, you give up the status quo. This means you could experience challenges in making claims like custody of the children or exclusive possession of the matrimonial home.

If the court awards one spousal support, this order is often retroactive to the separation date. Therefore, if the spouse who is supposed to pay spousal support has moved out of the matrimonial home and hasn’t been supporting the other during the separation, they may owe retroactive alimony for that period.

How Separation Process in Vaughan Looks Like After One Year of Separation

After one year of separation, either you or your spouse can apply for a divorce. However, if you have children, the court cannot grant the divorce unless it is satisfied that you have made reasonable arrangements for them. For example, you must agree on the custody of the children. Will one parent have sole custody, or will you have shared or joint custody? It should also be clear about the spouse who will be paying child support in line with the Child Support Guidelines. Usually, the parent who has custody of the children is the recipient of child support. Many couples remain separated for many years, only seeking divorce if they wish to remarry.

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At GDH Family Law, we understand how separation disrupts the family dynamic. Our team provides clients with compassionate and reliable guidance through the separation process, so they can focus on helping their families adjust to the new status quo.

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