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At GDH Family Law, we help individuals and families throughout Milton with all their family law needs. Trust our Vaughan family lawyers to help resolve all aspects of divorce, no matter the level of complexity. These issues may involve dealing with the disputes of dividing marital property, child custody, access and support matters, as well as creating a parenting plan that both parties agree to. These issues can cause a great deal of emotional and financial stress. When you have a compassionate family lawyer in Milton by your side, you can focus on what’s next.

We take pride in managing family law matters in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner for all our clients. Our family lawyers are highly regarded by our previous clients, colleagues, and court officials in Milton. Whether you’re going through a complex divorce or need sound legal opinion to resolve issues surrounding your separation, you can count on our skilled family lawyers in Milton. We help relieve the emotional and financial strain that comes after the dissolution of your marriage. We also provide other legal services such as drafting Separation Agreements, taking steps to enforce court orders, and negotiating the terms of your divorce.

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Are you dealing with an emotional or contentious family law issue? Family law is one of those areas in law that involves more than just the interests of the disputing parties. The decisions made are likely to affect the children, extended family members as well as any family businesses involved

When you need legal professionals to fight for your rights and develop a lasting resolution, GDH Family Law is here for you. We come with the skills, experience, and sensitivity to protect you and your family. Having handled some of the most complex family cases in Milton, we can effectively negotiate agreements and contracts in your favour. We are uniquely prepared to represent our clients at trial should their cases go beyond the negotiation and early court stages. We will explain all options and help you understand the legal and strategic implications of any direction you choose.

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GDH practices exclusively family law. We offer comprehensive family law services with the goal of delivering value and affordability to all our clients. We will take time to understand your circumstances and assess the risks and costs associated with every step before recommending a way forward.

We’ve represented parents who are looking to mutually agree on a parenting plan that works for both parties. Our lawyers will work to define parenting and access solutions that address the unique hurdles the family faces, such as long-distance, special needs or addictions. We work with you to ensure your family’s best interests are met.

On matters involving the distribution of property, we begin by helping you determine what’s considered family assets and separate that from business or individual assets. While it’s sometimes straightforward to distinguish family and individual assets, a lawyer can help provide the legal support needed to ensure the process is handled properly. At GDH Family Law, we are committed to helping clients reach a resolution that’s fair and efficient.

We also assist couples looking to welcome a child into their home by pursuing the adoption or guardianship process. We will discuss the options with you and take care of all the legalities of the situation allowing you to focus on your growing family. Whatever concerns you may have regarding adoption and guardianship, our qualified team has the experience to assist with your situation.

Looking to have a prenuptial agreement? Legal agreements are essential to protecting your interests. GDH Family Law will discuss your agreement options and help you find a solution that addresses your needs. Whether you’re looking to protect your children in the event of death or clarify the terms surrounding the allocation of assets, we can help.

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Our office can advise you in relation to any family law matter you’re facing. We are committed to assisting our clients by offering professional, transparent, and cost-effective solutions. If you require independent legal advice to protect your interests, we are one call away. Get in touch on 416-535-6944 to schedule a free consultation.

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