A common question that we receive from new clients is: “How much will my case cost me?”. We understand that clients are concerned about budgeting and planning out their finances, especially due to the financial uncertainties created by separation and divorce.

This question is difficult to answer and is dependent on the intricacies of the case, the number of issues in dispute, and whether the other party is willing to negotiate in good faith. However, there are some measures that can be taken to keep costs down.

Provide Timely and Complete Financial Disclosure

At the outset of a family law matter, the parties are required to exchange full and frank financial disclosure. This usually includes the exchange of a complete Financial Statement from each party, setting out their respective assets, debts, and liabilities. The values stated in the Financial Statement must be corroborated by supporting documentation, and as such, this stage of the process can be tedious. The exchange of financial disclosure can be further prolonged if either party decides to not provide their fulsome disclosure as soon as possible.

Your lawyer will let you know what financial disclosure is required of you to complete your Financial Statement and will answer any questions that you may have. If you provide fulsome disclosure as requested by your lawyer, this will help keep costs down as your lawyer will not need to follow up with you or request missing documentation. Providing fulsome and complete financial disclosure in a timely manner also helps streamline your matter to the next stage in the process.

Provide Disclosure Electronically

At GDH Family Law, we strive to be paperless. We encourage clients to provide documentation via e-mail correspondence whenever possible. Generally, this can help save costs as electronically received documents are easier and more efficient to store and review.

Avoid the Letter-Writing Campaign

While there is a necessity to write to the opposing side to address important issues of concern, addressing small issues that are not relevant to your family matter can increase legal fees. Your lawyer will work closely with you to help you determine which issues should be legally addressed in order to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected, and they will also advise you of issues that may not be worthwhile to address. Furthermore, avoiding excessive correspondence by only addressing pertinent and relevant issues with the opposing side can help control legal fees.

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