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Family mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which an independent, neutral third party – the mediator – facilitates open and honest discussion to help parties resolve disputes and agree on the terms of separation. Mediators can be engaged to assist with an entire separation and/or divorce or can help resolve a specific issue such as spousal or child support.

Both the federal Divorce Act (which applies only to married couples) and Ontario’s Family Law Act require parties to try to resolve their family law disputes through alternative dispute resolution (including negotiation). Spouses do not have to explore alternative dispute resolution where it would be inappropriate to do so, such as in cases involving family violence or an unhealthy power imbalance between the parties.

Mediation can be an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve family law conflict. At GDH Family Law, we advise and represent clients in the mediation process to ensure any resulting agreements are tailored to their situation and needs.

Benefits of Using Mediation to Resolve Family Disputes

Mediation is Efficient and Cost-Effective

The mediation process is focused on communication and finding mutually agreeable solutions. It offers flexibility to the parties, who are free to book mediation sessions as needed without being restrained by busy court schedules. Mediation can also be conducted over video conferencing when parties cannot be in the same location.

Working together in mediation can help parties resolve their disputes efficiently, thereby avoiding unnecessary legal and court fees associated with lengthy litigation. Mediators and the parties’ lawyers can help focus negotiations and address conflicts as they arise, so parties stay on track during the process.

Mediation is Private


Family law disputes can involve discussions of sensitive personal issues, including the breakdown of a relationship, a family’s financial situation, and the care of minor children. Litigation is a public forum, and court decisions are generally publicly available.

Mediation, however, is a completely private way to resolve family law disputes. All discussions are held behind closed doors, and there is no “final decision” available to the public or even the parties’ children.

Mediation Provides Greater Control Over the Outcome

Mediators are trained to facilitate honest and civil discussion and keep parties focused on finding their own solutions. Any decision and resulting agreements are in the parties’ hands, allowing them to tailor their solutions specifically for their unique circumstances. Empowering families to resolve their own conflicts is particularly important for separated couples who share parenting time and/or decision-making responsibility and therefore need to maintain respectful communication about their children.

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